About Utah Leopard Bengals

Jason from Mountain Leopards, who resides in Northern Utah near the beautiful wasatch mountains, and Kaleigh located in Southern Utah near the iconic Red Rock Arches, have partnered up and together make up Utah Leopard Bengals!

About Jason Stowell

I have been raising and breeding bengals for about 2 years. I have been obsessed with animals my entire life, so whether it has been freshwater fish, parakeets, or now bengals, I have always found their genetics and behaviors fascinating!

I am married to my beautiful wife, Amy. We have one child who makes life fun! I enjoy most sports and work in jerseys and football helmets on top of bengal breeding.

I am the Northern Half of Utah Leopard Bengals. Located in Eagle Mountain, I am looking to provide families and individuals with some rare and unique bengals colors and patterns. Matching up these different combinations and seeing what we can produce is one of the mail goals of my program and is reflected in my King and Queen choices!

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About Kaleigh Gilson

I am an experienced breeder of Goldendoodle puppies and have found that breeding is my passion! I love learning about genetics and the challenge that comes with breeding. I have loved all animals since I was a little kid and it was my dream to have a job working with animals.

I have fallen in love with the bengal breed and I am excited to begin my journey breeding well-tempered, high-quality, healthy, and gorgeous Bengal cats!

I am also a mother of 5 kids, 4 biological and one bonus-son! They range from 4-17 years old. I’m married to my amazing husband, Tyler, who supports all I do!

Thank you for your interest in our kittens! Nothing makes me happier than experiencing the pure joy of matching a family with their new fur baby!

about The Bengal Breed

Welcome to our Bengal Cat haven! If you’re wondering what makes a bengal cat unique, you’re in for a treat! The name “Bengal” is derived from Asian Leopard cat, not the Bengal tiger, and their fascinating journey began with the breeding of domestic cats and Asian Leopards.

The Bengal Breed Journey

Our Bengals, weighing between 6-18 pounds, are a result of careful breeding practices, starting from domestic cats crossed with Asian Leopards. The early generations, known as F-1s through F-3s, are “Foundation cats”. After the 4th generation, they become SBTs (Stud Book Tradition), eligible for showing and considered domestic. SBT’s are what are referred to as traditional Bengal cats.

Personality and Characteristics

Bengals are not your ordinary feline companions. Known for their intelligence and boundless energy, they are active, social and love to explore. Bengal cats are trainable, adapting quickly to house rules and coexisting harmoniously with other pets. Whether male or female, they can be affectionate and loving, each with its unique personality.

Allergies and Bengal Cats

If you have allergies, Bengals might be the perfect choice. Their sleek, tightly pelted coat tends to hold fewer allergens, making them hypoallergenic to some extent. While individual reactions may vary, many find Bengals cats more tolerable in close facial contact compared to other domestic breeds.

Bengals And Water

Bengals are curious about water, especially if raised around it. Some even enjoy swimming! Their playful nature extends to engaging with running water, making them delightful companions to water-related activities.

Bengal Coat Varieties

From the traditional brown to the striking silver and snow colors, Bengal cats boast a variety of pelt options. Properly cultivated, bengals also exhibit a glitter coat, resembling a sprinkling of gold glitter in the sunlight.

Intelligent and Interactive

Bengals are not just active; they’re intelligent. They love interactive play, enjoy hide-and-seek, and may even retrieve toys for endless entertainment. Their vocal range includes charming chirrups and chatters, making them not just pets but lively members of your household.

Companionship and affection

Expect an extraordinary bond with your Bengal. Known for their devotion, Bengals will follow, talk to you, perch on your shoulder, and even groom your hair. Their love is unmatched, often described as “dog-like” in its depth.

Bengals in your life

Consider having two Bengals if leaving them alone for periods, as they provide each other company and entertainment. Bengals get along well with other extroverted cat breeds, dogs, and have a natural affinity for children.