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Explore the enchanting world of Bengal kittens – a breed desired for their exotic looks and energetic personality. Discover why Bengal cats are beloved companions worldwide for their playful nature and affectionate charm.

At Utah Leopard Bengals, we strive to breed healthy, well socialized Bengal kittens with striking traits. Check out our Bengal Cats for sale.

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Jason Stowell

Jason has been raising and breeding Bengal kittens since 2021. His obsession with animals over his lifetime has sparked his interest in breeding. Whether it has been freshwater fish, parakeets, and now bengals, he has always found their genetics and behaviors fascinating.

Jason strives to provide families and individuals with some rare and unique bengal colors and patterns.

kaleigh gilson

Kaleigh has been a Goldendoodle puppy breeder since 2017 and has a wealth of experience in the field. Her love for genetics and affection for felines has led her to embrace the Bengal breed. Transitioning seamlessly from breeding Goldendoodles to nurturing Bengals, her expertise shines through in every aspect of her work.

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Ace on a wood floor showing off his side profile. Bengal cat for sale.
Koko is our newest Queen at Utah Leopard Bengals. She is a gorgeous cool brown with a perfect glitter coat and incredible exotic rosettes.
Meet Our Queens and Studs

These are the beautiful cats that bring the most amazing Bengal cats for sale at Utah Leopard Bengals.

About The Bengal Breed

What is a Bengal Cat?

If you’re wondering what makes a bengal cat unique, you’re in for a treat. The name “Bengal” is derived from the Asian Leopard cat, not the Bengal tiger, and their fascinating journey began with the breeding of domestic cats and Asian Leopards.

The goal of breeding Bengal cats was to have a wild appearance similar to their ancestors, the Asian leopard cat. They showcase distinctive coat patterns resembling those of wild cats while still retaining a domestic pet’s friendly temperament and behavior. Which is why we call them our mini leopards.