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At Utah Leopard Bengals, we specialize in breeding healthy, well socialized Bengal kittens with striking traits.

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About us

Together, Kaleigh and Jason make up Utah Leopard Bengals.

Kaleigh Gilson

I am an experienced breeder of Goldendoodle puppies and have found that breeding is my passion! I love learning about genetics and the challenge of breeding to better the breed.

I have fallen in love with the Bengal breed and I am excited to begin my journey breeding well-tempered, high-quality, healthy, and gorgeous Bengal cats!

Jason Stowell

I have been raising and breeding bengals for about 2 years. I have been obsessed with animals my entire life, so whether it has been freshwater fish, parakeets, or now bengals I have always found their genetics and behaviors fascinating

I am looking to provide families and individuals with some rare and unique bengal colors and patterns. Matching up these different combinations and seeing what we can produce is one of the main goals of my program and is reflected in my King and Queen choices!

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Meet Our Queens and Studs

These are the beautiful cats that bring the most amazing Bengal kittens to Utah Leopard Bengals.

About The Bengal Breed

What is a Bengal Cat?

If you’re wondering what makes a bengal cat unique, you’re in for a treat. The name “Bengal” is derived from the Asian Leopard cat, not the Bengal tiger, and their fascinating journey began with the breeding of domestic cats and Asian Leopards.